Meetings Are Held Feb to Dec On a Monthly Basis in 2018

Every Second Tuesday

         All meetings start at 10:00 am.

14 February       First meeting of the year! Visit to Horrobin and Hodge, Manakau - Sarah Hodge

13 March           Workshop on the Herbs for Herb Awareness Week

                               Speaker is the owner from Tuatara Brewery - Carl Vasta

10 April             Preserves Workshop - vinegars, oils, pastes, jellies, jams, pickles, etc

 8 May               Herbs used for dying - Spinners and Weavers

12 June              Herbal Soup Luncheon

10 July               Herbs for well-being and health - Leanne Morris

14 August         AGM - Everyone Welcome!

                              Power Point  Presentation - Karina Hilterman

11 September    Which herbs to grow, where and when - Cheryl from Mitre 10 

 9 October         Local visits with a herbal slant - Bus/Carpool 

13 November    Unusual herbs and vegetables - TBA     

11 December    Christmas function with a workshop on seasonal floral table decorations