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Curry Spices with Kashmeera

posted May 13, 2014, 12:18 AM by Steve Macgregor   [ updated May 24, 2015, 5:53 PM by Kapitiherb society ]
Dana-jeera powder

Approximate measurements
2tbl coriander seeds
1tbl cumin seeds
2cm cinnamon stick
5-7 cloves
6-7 black pepper

Lightly dry pan roast until there is a light toasty aroma
Grind and store in a jar (put lid on when cool)
Used for dahls, vegetable and non-vegetable dishes.

Onion bhaji

Onion medium sliced
Cumin seed
Chilli paste
Chickpea flour

Mix with hands squeezing onion to give some juice.
A small amount of water to combine 
Add fresh coriander washed squeeze dried and chopped
Garlic and ginger paste
Grab about a dessert spoonful with your fingers and deep fry in medium hot oil for about 10 mins 
until golden brown and cooked through.

Tea for 3-4 cups

3 tea bags Kenya Bold black tea
½ tsp fresh ground black pepper or to taste (good for colds or coughs)
4cm fresh ginger peeled and sliced
Handful of mint leaves

Put in a small pan of water and simmer until it smells good.
Serve in cups and add milk and sugar to taste.

Green chutney

Fresh coriander
Fresh mint
Curry leaves
Green chilli to taste
A few cumin seeds
Raw peanuts ground

Grind together
To serve add lemon juice and salt to taste.

These recipes was given to us verbally from Kashmeera but for more detailed methods and quantities we suggest checking on the 
internet for similar recipes to give more guidance.